Sunday, July 5, 2020

The Last Fourth

We remember important first events - the first time you met the person who will become your significant other, the first words and first steps of your growing child. We also remember important last events - the last time you visited your alma mater, the last time you spoke with a dying parent.

Some events, though, are taken for granted - we didn't correctly identify the importance of an event until after it happened - so we remember neither the first nor the last time they occurred.

For example, my ex significant other and I always used to drive at least an hour to some random small town just to have pizza for dinner. The particular town or restaurant didn't matter - all small towns have good local Italian restaurants. What mattered is that we did this together, and that we enjoyed it. It was such a simple thing, and neither of us at the time realized how important those weekly outings were. For that reason, I cannot tell you the name of the town or restaurant we first ate at. I thought these road trips would go on forever, and now that he and I are separated, I can't remember the last place we went to. All I know is that there was a first town and restaurant and a last town and restaurant, and that there will be no more such road trips.

The same goes with holidays, Independence Day in particular. I have a childhood memory of my first fireworks show: the symmetry of the explosions, the three-dimensionality of the trails of sparks, how the bursts looked like flowers, only loud! At the time I didn't know why there were fireworks on that day, the Fourth of July, but I knew that that day must be important.

Years and years later, I also recall the last fireworks show I attended, which was in 2010. In the time between the first fireworks show and that last one, I became extremely averse to their sounds as well as to crowds. This may sound stupid, but there it is.

In an attempt to cure myself of this, I attended the 2010 Fourth of July celebration at a beach town in Maryland. I arrived very early, found a place on the beach as close as possible to the fireworks launcher, laid back on my towel, stretched my arms out, and watched. By the end, I was tired from the conscious effort needed not to move, and my hands were sore from grabbing the sand and towel for dear life! As I returned to my car, several strangers on the boardwalk asked if I was OK. I wasn't, but it didn't matter, for I made it through the whole thing.

This brings us to the Fourth of July 2020. Most large fireworks displays were cancelled because of the China Flu. Even if they weren't canceled, the meaning of Independence Day has changed for some Americans. Instead of being a time to celebrate our freedom, for them it has become an occasion to disparage our country.

There are three groups of people doing this.

First, there are the gay rights activists. They claim that homophobia exists, but to justify this they must add letters to what used to be only LGB. By doing so, they drop the idea that what makes a gay person gay is who he or she is attracted to, and replace it with an "assigned gender preference." They elevate fetishes to the status of sexual orientation. They also make a lack of self-awareness into an orientation, calling such people "transgender," "non-binary," "questioning," "pansexual," or "gender fluid". Further, some of them are attempting to normalize pedophilia, saying that the adult participants in this are "minor-attracted people" and trying to add a second "P" to the ever-growing initialism of non-cis-heterosexual "orientations".

Instead of "LGBTTQQIAAP," activists should save time and letters just by using "ABS" - anybody but straight.

With each letter added to "LGB" and each color added to the rainbow flag, someone claims a victory. But victories are meaningless when the opposition is negligible and the cost of losing is nonexistent.

If they want a true victory, these so-called activists should attempt to end the lawful execution of gays in Muslim countries. But they won't even try, since they are convinced that all cultures must be respected.

Then there is the Black Lives Matter movement, which is composed either of guilty white liberals or people looking for any opportunity to loot and burn. Black lives matter to them as long as it is a black man who was killed by a white cop, or if the black in question votes for the Democrats.

Of course there was slavery, but we fought a war to end it. The people who claim racism still exists are the same ones rewriting the history of the Civil War and destroying monuments describing that war. BLM continues to fight a war that ended in 1865 while completely ignoring the fact that slavery is still common in Africa and that there is an active slave trade in the Arab world.

Finally, there are the socialists calling themselves Antifa. They despise capitalism while living off their parents' trust funds and organizing their permanent revolution by using capitalist-made computers, all while enjoying overpriced coffee at Starbucks.

These modern-day Trotskyites operate in a logical and historical vacuum, ignoring the mass genocides that occurred in the countries governed by the very leaders that Antifa idolizes, all while favorably comparing themselves to American D-Day troops.

The commonality to these groups is that their members don't know how good they have it, and they have to invent nonexistent enemies to aggrandize their otherwise unremarkable lives. They are fueled by a vacuous education system, encouraged by their over-indulgent parents, enabled by left-wing politicians and judges, and operate unopposed by spineless cuckservastives.

The people doing this denigration are either ignorant of our history or were taught a straw-man version of history. We're the country that built the Transcontinental Railroad in only six years. We conquered the Axis Powers in under six years. We landed men on the Moon nine years after Kennedy set the direction. We've cured diseases, invented technologies, raised the standard of living for everybody. We're the ones who coined the term "self-made man," and many of us live that American dream.

These same people who deprecate this country have the whole world in their pockets, literally, either in iPhone or Android format. Yet the best they can do is defecate in their own kitchens.

Given all this, one must wonder if the July Fourth that ended a few hours ago is indeed the last Independence Day we'll see that hasn't been eviscerated of content and celebrated only out of habit.

While all the local fireworks shows were cancelled, some individuals at nearby apartment complexes decided to have their own shows. This is America at its best - private individuals taking up the slack left by our spineless representatives. I went to one of these apartment complex shows; while the crowds weren't very big, the noises were still nerve wracking. For if this is to be the last real Fourth of July, I want to experience it, and I want it to hurt.

Friday, July 3, 2020

No Burka, No Hijab, No Service

The recent pandemic and rioting has lead me to frequently ask the following question: "Is there no shit you will not eat?" It is sort of a line out of an e e cummings' poem, and I'm not the only one asking this.

Rise of the Karens

State and local governments’ responses to the China Flu have led to the rise of the “Karens.” These are people who have gorged mightily the propaganda coming from media, politicians, and supposedly credible medical organizations, and who aren’t afraid to impose their will on those of us who realize that the China Flu is nothing but a sham pandemic – a shamdemic.

These Karens are to be derided not only for their uncritical acceptance of the details and timing of the shamdemic but also their unwillingness to let others act according to their own best judgement.

Karens are nothing new. In previous times they were called by the more accurate term: collaborators. But we are living in an age where honesty is seen as aggression, and truth must be sugared over or else be rejected as hate speech.

Narrative Collapse

What fuels the Karens' control freak binge is not only the relentless social programming coming from the media and left-wing politicians, but also the gaping holes in the stories. Inconsistencies and absurdities became clear very early in the shamdemic - and these weren't just the usual "fog of war" uncertainties but ongoing narrative revisions and obvious political jockeying made by people wishing to frighten a nation and who assume Americans have no memory beyond the immediate now. Not only history being rewritten, but current events are being reworked in a feverish quest to find something that sticks.

Examples of the inconsistencies include:

The public policies based on these inconsistencies and ordained by our representatives have done nothing but reveal their incompetency and expose their contempt and malevolence towards those that elected them.

Prisoners were released under the excuse that keeping them confined would increase their risk of becoming infected. Masks apparently don't work inside prisons. As can be expected, many of these released prisoners immediately repeated the kinds offenses for which they were originally being held.

Companies that were deemed "inessential" were ordered closed, unless, say, a governor had a personal stake in the business, for example a "life-sustaining" cabinet supply company.

Most damning of all was the decision by several states to move patients with China Flu into nursing homes, senior care centers, and similar facilities. One nurse at a nursing home in Illinois said, "our patients are dropping like flies." New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo understood the danger, stating that illness would go through elderly patients like "fire through dry glass." He ordered nursing homes to accept China Flu patients anyway. Nationally, the number of nursing home deaths has been reported to be 16,000.

Of course, putting China Flu patients into nursing homes is acceptable for us commoners but not for the ruling class - Pennsylvania's secretary of health Rachel Levine (formerly Richard) moved his mother from a nursing home into a hotel as the death toll rose. Richard was the one that allowed nursing homes to accept China Flu patients in the first place. Stunning and brave, Richard, stunning and brave.

These acts are criminal, and hopefully the governors and secretaries of health who implemented all this will receive the swift and severe retribution that they are due.

The Magical Virus

Meanwhile the magical powers of the virus causing Szechuan Sickness continue to expand!

The virus is attracted to small businesses, churches, weddings, and funerals... unless the deceased was a black man killed by a white police officer. Then multiple nationally televised funerals with dancing pallbearers and horse-drawn carriages are safe, because the church doors are marked with the blood of a fentanyl user who also tested positive for the Mandarin Malady.

The virus knows not to infect people who "social distance" (what an oxymoron!) by standing 6 feet apart (not 5'11"), except at certain types of protests. The Asian Affliction is attracted to shutdown protests and Trump rallies, and it is able to be detected without waiting for the usual 14-day incubation period to elapse. BLM and Antifa riots, however, have the Cantonese Contagion's approval, as well as the approval of least 1000 health professionals.

In fact, BLM protests actually may have slowed the overall spread of the virus. All hail the woke virus!

The Timing

Then there is the timing. The governors and mayors who are most adamant about keeping their states in lockdown or who devise the most circuitous staged reopening plans are Democrats. Amazing, isn’t it, that the China Flu began getting press almost immediately after the impeachment proceedings against President Trump fizzled. Then the George Floyd riots began just as the press realized that people were experiencing Covid-19 “burn out.” Now that the riots have mostly stopped, Covid-19 coverage has increased, with a focus on squaring away the importance of “social distancing” with the proximity of the rioters to each other.

But Back to the Karens

All of this – the narrative inconsistencies, the stupid policy decisions, the timings, as well as the fact that not many people directly know anyone who has had the China Flu – should give people reason to be just a little skeptical, and everybody should be outraged at the nursing home deaths. The Karens aren’t, for Karens don’t have time for suspicions, common sense, logic, the evidence of the senses, or for outrage beyond their own indignation – they’ve got religion, and they are oftentimes the same people who believe in global warming cooling climate change, a theory that has not produced one accurate prediction over all the decades it has been in existence.

For everybody else, all of this is a bill of particulars.

Some people would excuse the Karens by claiming that they are just exercising their freedom of speech. Notice that these apologists only allow Karens to use their First Amendment rights, and when the Karens do so, it frequently is in the form of either muttered insults or explicit threats directed at the no-mask wearing people and their families.

Unmentioned by the apologists is the harm that Karens do: some states maintain "snitch" websites that allows Karens to report individuals and businesses to state authorities for violating the dictates, or for companies to report employees for unemployment fraud. The state authorities can then take action, especially against small businesses.

On several occasions the snitch lists have been published. The Karens were incensed - how dare the businesses and individuals they reported have the right to face their accusers!

After she was exposed for using Missouri's snitch website, one sniveled "I'm not only worried about COVID, I'm worried about someone showing up at my door, showing up at my workplace or me getting fired for doing what is right." Welcome to the club, Karen. One would hope that the level of fear implied by that individual would lead to just a little character improvement. It won't, for when Karens get called on their bullshit, they turn all Manga eyed like that one did, and if you turn your back on them for one minute, they will revert to their old informant ways.

Never asked about these informants is whether they have ulterior motives: it is easy to foresee situations where one business owner may snitch on another, thereby using the power of the state to gain a competitive advantage that the informant's ability and determination never will provide.

Corporate Karens and the Problem with Masks

Karens aren't limited to being individuals - there are corporate Karens, too. These are businesses that not only meekly cooperate with the dictates coming from local and state governments, but are enforcing them on their customers and employees as well. And the companies insist of calling these dictates "laws" instead of what they are: orders.

This happens in particular with the mask orders.

The most common defense of businesses that require their customers and employees to wear masks is this: "No shirt, no shoes, no service wasn't affecting your rights. Neither does no mask, no service." When you call these apologists on their bullshit, the response is always "well that's very progressive of you, it is their private property after all." They no doubt say this while sipping the Libertarian equivalent of a Starbucks Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino.

This is not only the most common defense, it is also the most disappointing, for they might as well be saying "no burka, no hijab, no service." Companies wield powerful economic and social forces and are in some ways and some situations as powerful as armies. To insist that we wear rose-colored blindfolds to this fact is criminal, and it is a gateway to innumerable abuses.

One has to wonder how far these apologists would go with this excuse: should government or semi-government offices have the same right to refuse you service? What if all private businesses of a certain type all decide to deny service? Are your rights still not being infringed?

And there's this: some cities and states, like New Orleans, are requiring companies to have their customers and employees participate in contact tracing. Logically, the apologists must still excuse this by saying "they're private companies, they aren't infringing your rights."

Again I ask: is there no shit you will not eat?

Perhaps these apologists may have good (though not well reasoned) intentions, or they may be "going along to get along," or they may just be cowards. Regardless, the result is inaction on their part and criticism of those who refuse to be inactive.

Let's analyze the "private companies get a pass" remark: the ownership of a particular business is not in question. What is in question is the propriety and overall wisdom of their enforcement of Peking Plague ordinance.

It is not a company's job to enforce dictates on their customers or employees - a business doesn't come with a badge. Law enforcement is and must solely be the responsibility of the police, and the China Flu dictates are orders, not laws.

"But, but, but... does that mean Christians should be forced into baking wedding cakes for gays?" Nope, for they (the Christian bakers) aren't acting as collaborators or dictate enforcers.

What to Do?

What responses are warranted by those denied entrance or service for not wearing a mask, not maintaining "social distance," etc.? Are we to simply fold like one of Ron Paul's cheap suits?

One proper reaction is to use "the power of the purse," but it must be done in an effective manner, not merely as lip service.

Do not simply go to another store. Make sure that the store denying you entrance or service knows that you are not going to be purchasing from them because they are in bed with fools. If you make it to the cash register and are denied service, make them understand that it is they who will be the ones returning the stock to the shelves, and why they will be doing so.

This is the real power of the purse: you have to make sure the business not only knows they are losing money, but why they are losing money. Otherwise all they see is a small downtick in revenue when they do their books, and they can easily explain it away as random.

Another approach is to protest outside the homes of health officials, or to dox them. According to one report, these actions have caused some officials to resign their posts out of fear for their safety. Good.

Coordinated actions are possible too: go mask-less shopping with friends, participate in boycotts and class-action lawsuits, etc. Coordinated actions can fail, but individual actions will always result in at least a small victory.

Whatever the approach, make it expensive for them not to accept your money. Make those businesses understand in concrete terms that your patronage is not a given, and that their actions will come at a cost.


The immediate goal of the scamdemic is to cause division.

In day-to-day terms, ask yourself how many calm and rational in-person debates have you had with people who hold the opposite views on the China Flu? Before the shutdowns and the masks, it was an almost daily thing with me. The last one I had was with a dental technician whose office was shut down and who now works at a convenience store. With the coming of the masks, every interaction - if interaction was even possible - has become either an enforcement act or a shouting match instead of a healthy debate.

How much of the unemployment, the business closures, the economic suffering, and most importantly the level of political animosity and vitriol would we have now if companies didn't blindly follow these orders? Animosity and vitriol are the thing we should be most concerned about because we are now much closer to mass civil disorder or even civil war than we ever were over the last 12 years. Masks are just one more wedge issue used to divide and conquer us.

A second goal is to swing the 2020 election. The one accomplishment that even leftists cannot deny is the incredible economic prosperity that resulted when Trump began to roll-back policies of the previous several administrations. The shutdowns have thrown millions of people out of work (the "inessentials") and have forced the shuttering of thousands of small businesses - some forever, thus ending this prosperity.

The ultimate goal of the masks, the shutdowns, and all the rest is to normalize fear and instill control. The concrete symbol of the control is the mask, and it signifies submission. The enforcers of the control are collaborating companies, their employees, and the Karens.

That is to be the new normal, something that must be resisted at all costs.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Or What?

The mainstream media's coverage of the large riots occurring in cities has been very superficial and "safely reported," meaning that reporters are behind or within sight of the police, or reporting from news helicopters. The TV news crews show burning vehicles and stores being looted, and they describe the local police as being "busy" or "occupied with protecting buildings, people, or themselves."

The words “busy” and “occupied” are incorrect. The right word to use here is "overwhelmed".

In Minneapolis, police are overwhelmed to the point that on Thursday the rioters took over the 3rd Precinct station, looted it, and set it ablaze. Afterwards, the rioters set-off celebratory fireworks and participated in self-congratulatory fellatio, all while taking selfies in front of the burning building. This is not what mainstream media would show, but you can see the events live-streamed by sympathizers or participants.

Minneapolis is not alone. Police in LA, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Philadelphia, etc., are also overwhelmed.

The media downplays these events. For example, the Minneapolis Star Tribune has only today just started describing the events in Minneapolis as riots, after four days of rioting. A MSNBC reporter described the riot as "mostly a protest" while standing in front of a burning building.

And then there's CNN, the apologist for all things left of Jane Fonda. Their building in Atlanta had windows smashed and their logo defaced. Why? At a press conference with Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, rapper Killer Mike explained it like this:

"I love CNN. I love Cartoon Network. But I'd like to say to CNN right now: karma is a mother. Stop feeding fear and anger every day. Stop making people so fearful, give them hope."

The media as well as the rioters themselves are quick to mention that the riots are over the death of George Floyd. The problem is, the officer involved in his death was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter and has been arrested, thus removing the rioters' casus belli. Yet the rioting continues. Maybe they think that if they keep looting and burning, the charges will be increased to first degree murder?

In response to all the destruction and mayhem, the mayors and governors of these Democrat-run cities and states do two things: they shift the blame, and they tell people to go home.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (also known as Mayor Groot) tried to lay blame on President Trump, saying:

"he wants to show failures on the part of Democratic local leaders, to throw red meat to his base. His goal is to polarize, to destabilize local government and inflame racist urges. We can absolutely not let him prevail. And I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump. It’s two words. It begins with F and it ends with U."

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz implied in one press briefing that white supremacists and drug cartels "are trying to take advantage of the chaos." Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey made similar claims.

In another press conference, Walz goes on to describe the geographic origin of the rioters: "I think our best estimate right now that I heard is about 20% is what we think are Minnesotans and about 80% are outside." How did he determine that percentage? No reporter asked him that question.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter stated that 100% of the rioters arrested in his city were from out of state, but he then retracted that claim when presented with jail records that showed otherwise. Walz has not yet issued a statement.

External actors are no doubt involved, but no mention is made of the obvious agents provocateurs: Antifa and other left-wing groups.

Regardless, the media has caught on to this, and it has been echoed by clergy and various mayors, such as Philadelphia's mayor.

What do the governors and mayors advise? Governor Walz says "We want them [the rioters] to do nothing more than to go home. We don't want them arrested."

He doesn't want them arrested. He wants them to go home.

What if the rioters don't go home?

The mayors announce curfews.

"Or what?" say the rioters as they continue to riot past the curfew.

The police then threaten to use teargas if they don't disperse.

"Or what?" say the rioters, as the teargas causes them to disperse from one location and reconvene their riot somewhere else.

And on and on and on.

Democrat mayors and governors propose that people go home - the conciliatory tone signals their "concern" for people, people who have for months been staying at home and "social distancing" over the China Flu. The politicians believe that these soothing words provide (aid and) comforting warm fuzzies to everybody. The mayors and governors want reconciliation at all costs, even if it requires compromising with evil.

Those words offer no comfort, for the rioters will always say: "or what?"

Further, they undercut their own desire to maintain peace. For example, at a news briefing with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, the police commissioner (and her fingernails), and various clergy held earlier today, the overall tone was this: "we don't want people destroying the city, BUT Philly has a track record of racism and bad police practices."

Someone needs to tell them that the word "but" negates what came before. In other words, they want their city destroyed.

To tell people - the people who are actually protesting the death of George Floyd - to "go home" is to tell them to surrender.

The mayors and governors call for inaction and appeasement when what is really required is decisive action.

Instead, tell the residents NOT to go home. Tell the legitimate protesters that they need to stop the rioters. If the residents care about their city, then they must defend it. They must defend themselves, their family, their own property, their own businesses, and those of their neighbors - remember, the police are overwhelmed.

Most importantly, they must ensure that the agents provocateurs are stopped, at whatever cost.

The best defense is self-defense. Or as one armed counter-protester said: “Before there were cops, there were just Americans. So, here we are.

Of course, this counsel would cause the media and the liberals to hyperventilate. "The people are taking the law into their own hands," they would whine and complain. But, how is this whining any different from what they do every other day?

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Adam Schiff and the Drag Queen

Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell were in the private committee chamber, preparing for the start of the Thursday's hearings.

"Jeff Zucker is about to have my ass!" Schiff exclaimed.

"Didn't he already have your ass?"

"Not like that. He says we need more sex and sizzle!"

Swalwell sat perplexed, "Sex and... sizzle?"

"Yes, yesterday's hearings tanked in the ratings, and we have two more days scheduled this week. Plus next week!" Schiff’s voice grew in volume and pitch. "Zucker is panicking!"

"I told you we shouldn't do this in open session."

Schiff leaned over this desk and said "here's what we're going to do..."


The chamber began to fill with politicians, lawyers, and journalists. They were joined by a drummer, who set up his kit in the back of the room.

Just as Chairman Schiff called the hearing to order, a person wearing a bright blond wig and hot red dress sashayed onto the floor while the drummer played a seductive vamp. All eyes were upon Miss Trial, especially the protruding orbs of the committee chair, Adam Schiff.

She leaned against his table, placed one of her thick legs atop it, hiked up her already short dress, and said "I'd like to go next," her voice gravelly and deep, almost a baritone. Miss Trial pulled Schiff's tie out from his jacket.

"I usually don't do women," Schiff stuttered nervously, beads of perspiration forming on his brow.

"Don't worry, neither do I," she said in her husky voice. The drummer did a rim shot.

Schiff immediately noticed how the top of her dress came far up her neckline, no doubt to cover her Adam's apple. A smile crossed his thin lips. "The chair calls Miss Trial!"

"That's what we've been saying since yesterday morning!" Rep. Jim Jordan exclaimed.

"No, the chair calls Misses Trial to the witness stand."

"That's 'MISS' Trial. And give me an introduction that's proper for a lady of my class and breeding, honey."

Schiff took a moment, then spoke into his microphone: "Straight off her nationwide Drag Queen Story Hour tour, and most recently appearing at the Illusions Night Club here in DC, I present... Miss! Trial!"

Thumping dance music filled the chamber, and half of the chamber exploded in applause as she walked to the table reserved for witnesses, their cheers of "stunning" and "brave" almost drowning out the music. Miss Trial gave a queen wave as she walked behind the table reserved for witnesses. She waited for Ambassador Taylor to pull out the chair, then she sat slowly, adjusting her seat by wiggling her bottom.

"If there's any doubt about this being a circus, well, the bearded lady just arrived," Devin Nunes said to one of his aids.

Miss Trial heard this and said: "honey, I shaved this morning. Twice." Rim shot.

"Chairman Schiff, what does all THIS," Jim Jordan pointed to the person behind the witness desk, "have to do with Ukraine?"

"My dress maker visited Ukraine once" Miss Trial answered.


"And what? He's obviously a good dress maker!" Miss Trial raised from her seat, did a pirouette, and stopped at just the right angle so that the chamber's floor lights maximized her cheekbones and minimized her linebacker build. She held the pose for a moment, then returned to her seat to more wild applause.

Schiff smiled. "See, Rep. Jordan, this will be valuable testimony from a relevant witness! Miss Trial, what do you know about the phone call between Mr. Trump and President Zelensky?"

"President who?"

"Volodymyr Zelensky? The president of Ukraine?" Schiff said this without even one note of exasperation in his voice.

"Oh that. Well, Sergei, my dress maker, said that his friend's brother's housekeeper has an acquaintance in the Ukraine office who heard that President Trump and President Z. had a phone call."

"Umm…,” Rep. Jordan interjected, “your dress maker's friend's housekeeper?"

"No. My dress maker's friend's housekeeper's acquaintance. Easy. Could someone fetch me a martini?"

"Miss Trial, alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the floor," Jordan scolded.

"Tell that to Nancy," she replied. Rim shot.

"Chairman Schiff, this is nothing but fourth- or fifth-hand rumors!" Jim Jordan pointed out.

"Sometimes hearsay is much better than direct evidence," Representative Mike Quigley quickly interjected.

"Misanthrope..." Jordan started saying.

"That's Miss TRIAL, not Miss Anthrope, honey!"

"No, I was calling Representative Quigley a misanthrope. Miss Trial, have you ever even been to the Ukraine?"

"No, but like I said, my dress maker has."

"When was he last there?"

"In 2015. Sergei visited Crimea. He said the Russians left it a real shithole, but he also said he was able to get good blow from somebody named Hunter."

Jim Jordan sat, blinking. "Do you know Hunter's full name?"

"The chair calls for a fifteen-minute recess!!" Schiff didn't even bother to try to keep the panic out of his voice.


Back in private chambers, Swalwell and Schiff were pacing, figuring out how to spin this.

Swalwell: "What are we going to do? This whole thing was a mistake!"

From the other side of the door, Schiff and Swalwell could hear a gravely baritone voice exclaim: "That's Miss TRIAL!"

Schiff eyes were protruding more than usual: "We need a therapy dog... and a distraction!"

"Not the whole mass shooting thing again," Swalwell sighed. "How long will people fall for it?"

"We'll maintain the appearance of having the moral high ground. It will work." Schiff opened his phone, dialed a number, and arranged for some sex and sizzle.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Gillette So Woke

Gillette's new commercial opens with a montage of real-life and on-line bullying, men cat-calling, a row of men standing behind a row of barbecue grills chanting "boys will be boys." It continues with scenes of "mansplaining", "toxic masculinity", and a news announcer decrying sexual harassment, thus making tie-ins with the #MeToo movement. Throughout the ad, the sanctimonious narrator asks "Is this the best a man can get? Is it?", thereby mocking Gillette's 30-year-old motto "the best a man can get." Near the end it shows men standing up to sexual harassment and stopping bullies. The commercial finishes with the obligatory link to a .org website.

This advertisement was made by Grey Advertising and was directed by Kim Gehrig, who produced last year's "Viva La Vulva" commercial that featured singing sock puppet vaginas.

Grey Advertising may or may not subscribe to P.T. Barnum's maxim that "there is no such thing as bad publicity," but they certainly advocate the older version of that phase: "success through scandal" ("succès de scandale"). But success for whom: for Gillette or for the advertising company?

Commercials are supposed to maintain a customer base and encourage others to use their product. Does the new Gillette commercial do either? It does - especially if you use one of Gillette's competitors.

Commercials are supposed to sell a product, not to proselytize. The act of shaving is just that: shaving. If you do it in the morning, you do it to look it to look professional, not to virtue signal.

Commercials are supposed to generate profits. Does this advertisement do so? It's too early to tell for Gillette and parent company Proctor and Gamble, though they did promise to pay $1 million per year for three years to "worthy nonprofits." So profits were generated for somebody besides Grey Advertising.

Here's the real problem with Gillette's ad: it is condescending AF. It portrays men acting as gentlemen and interfering with bullies as something new and hip and edgy, not as ordinary chivalry that was commonplace before the rise of the soy boy and the culture of victimhood.

Further, imagine if the ad decried the bad habits of Muslims, blacks, gays, etc — there would be an uproar! Instead, the ad is about the bad habits of men, so not only does it get a pass, the commercial is lauded by AdWeek for "flipping the narrative" and Gillette is celebrated for being "woke."

Finally, if there is any honest substance to the #MeToo movement, doesn't Gillette's new commercial trivialize that substance? Indeed it does, for the ad is basically saying: "I wake up in the morning feeling guilty for having a penis and balls. I'm not yet ready for gender reassignment surgery, so whatever should I do? I know, I'll shave with a Gillette razor, thereby symbolically castrating myself!"

Am I "triggered" by that ad, like certain news outlets claim I should be? Nope. Am I tired of companies committing suicide by becoming politicized in general, and by shilling for the left in particular? Yup. Right now, I'm laughing as I order razors from the Dollar Shave Club. And Grey Advertising is laughing all the way to the bank.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

#WalkAway from Identity Politics

There were three outstanding themes experienced by attendees of last month's #WalkAway March. There was the sense of freedom that comes from escaping the Democrat’s plantation. There was the excitement of meeting new people and making new friends. But there was also an element of sadness over the family and friends lost due to the issues that riven our country.

One man I met there was a U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War. He became estranged from his two sisters, the only family he has, partially over Trump and the whole Kavanaugh media circus.

There’s also a friend (who wasn’t at the march) that became alienated from a person she knew for 30 years. They met while in high school, and he was her first gay friend. She walked away, he didn’t. Something similar happened with her mother’s cousin, who knew her since birth, who “changed her diapers” as she put it. Because of various family events, they had to remain in contact, but their interactions became infrequent, their conversations became terse. A mutual friend told me about how much grief she was experiencing over this. The description reminded me of the AIDS crisis writ small.

These same stories are repeated all across America.

Why is this happening?

This is partially due to the changing definition of friendship. We all have online friends, most of whom we’ll never meet. What is the basis of these friendships? It’s not two good people who share similar virtues and who wish each other well, but rather two people clicking the “like” button – not the same thing!

Other types of friendships, like those based on utility or pleasure – are by definition transitory. That’s all that online friends are – friendships based on utility or pleasure. Yet we equate them with real friendships, in their importance and in their permanence.

All types of friendships require time and effort and real-world interaction to cultivate and maintain. Given the number of social media “friends” that people have, it is simply not possible to maintain them all! Once the “friendship” has outlived its usefulness, or is lost in quantity, we either allow it to fade or we terminate it in the most brutal way possible - online interactions allow people to be rude to each other without any real-world consequences.

This somewhat explains the plight of the Vietnam veteran mentioned earlier: he lives in Buffalo, New York, while one sister lives in Florida, and the other is in Arizona. They maintained contact only via social media. There was no real-world interaction, so the friendships withered.

This does not explain the other person mentioned above. In her case, and I think most cases, the dissolution of friendships was solely over ideological differences. The ideology in play is identity politics.

Here’s how it works:

  • People belong to identity groups, either by birth or choice or assignment. These identities are artificial, and two members of the same group frequently have nothing in common except for that identity – yet there is an expectation of solidarity.
  • Membership in an identity group is not the same as a gym membership. Membership defines and determines their whole existence, and to doubt this is blasphemy.
  • Current and historical events are seen by members of any class through the lens of their identity. Doubting the identity or the veracity of its history is an offense to the very core of their being, and to do so makes you ableist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist.
  • Each group has its own cultural norms. These norms must be respected by other groups, because it is taken on faith that all cultures are equal. They are skeptical of some religions, yet they accept items like this on faith. They are true believers.
  • People are encouraged to interact only with other members of their identity. They exist in a bubble yet claim that they are living rich and full lives. They do not go outside their comfort zone, yet they consider themselves brave.
  • People are to be loyal to their identity class. They are expected to favor their own, yet they wonder why the world is suddenly so racist.
  • People are expected (in most cases) to be proud of their identity.
  • To shore up this pride, each identity has its own history. Events that do not fit with a particular group’s history can be safely ignored, or revised, or destroyed. This results in an ever-shifting narrative.
  • There is one group that acts as an oppressor, and that group is the white male (either heterosexual or homosexual). Their culture is not to be respected, and pride in that identity is considered to be the very height of racism.
  • The degree that an individual is oppressed depends on the number of intersections that this person belongs to. For example, a black disabled lesbian crossdresser is more oppressed than your average lesbian. It’s sort of like a food pyramid of victimhood.
  • Those who aren’t oppressors are victims. But not only are they victims, they are helpless, since self-defense is considered wrong.
  • Being helpless victims, they are subject to fear, uncertainty, and doubt inflicted by anyone who wishes to manipulate them.
  • Since they live in a bubble, they are in no position to verify that they should really be afraid of any particular current event, or whether they are just being manipulated.

Identity politics provides a convenient excuse to prune one’s real-world friends list. And when people indeed end a friendship over identity politics, instead of being angry or upset, they have the warm glow of smugness that comes with virtue signaling. From their standpoint, the friendship was based on a mistaken identity – you fooled them, until they became “woke”.

Identity politics is designed to divide and conquer. It is working.

What can be done? We must begin with a dose of reality.

First, realize that “Hallmark moments” almost never happen in the real world, and it is not possible to hold one’s breath until they do happen. If you doubt this, ask any draft resister or gay man who has been estranged from his family.

Next, look at the pretense under which the friendship was ended: one side believes that the other is a heretic who engages in wrongthink. Ask yourself: why hold on to people who aren’t adult enough to understand that individuals can have different opinions or principles?

Believing in identity politics requires that one suspends their sense of reality. Anybody with an ounce of integrity would reject the theory rather than reject the facts. Ask yourself: do you really want to be friends with a person who trusts their identity group’s agitprop over their own lying eyes? Can you trust someone who outsources their sense of judgement?

Look at the extent the other side is willing to go to purge wrongthink: they are willing to fire you from your employment, to deny you ways of earning money via online activities, to destroy your career. Ask yourself: in good conscience, would you be able to do this?

Finally, ask yourself: is the person who terminated your friendship over identity politics experiencing the same sense of loss?

The situation appears even more intractable when you realize that social justice is a kind of cult, and people who advocate identity politics are not just fervent believers, but the fundamentalists of this cult.

Again, what can be done?

It is tempting to retreat, hole up, and wait for this to pass. It won’t pass. In fact, retreating makes things worse, since everybody will then ask themselves: why not take whole what others propose to divide?

We cannot forget what is at stake: our country, our home. They demand that we relinquish our sovereignty as individuals and as a country. All these are too important to abandon for the social justice warriors’ obvious and vulgar games.

We also cannot forget that we hold the upper hand. The funding of their universities, their affirmative action programs, and their welfare state, depends on us. We can live without them, but not vise versa. Further, we have the element of stability that their narrative du jour precludes - and they know it.

The solution lies in more engagement, not less. It requires that we break down the bubbles which identity politics requires people to inhabit. Even then it will not be easy, since it is far harder to make a believer into a skeptic than to make a skeptic into a believer.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Photos from #WalkAway

"You want to give me food stamps just because I was in foster care? I think you just want my vote." - Terrence K. Williams

Winner of the best sign goes to...

Happy people in the rain.

Musician singing "Where We Go One, We Go All." He also sang the Oath Keeper's song, "Arm Yourself."

"The blue wave is 500 miles south of the border"

Guy in crowd: "good job umbrella man!"

Will from PragerU

"Are there any Russian bots here?"
Person in back raises hand
"There's one! We're 1/1024th Russian, so we're a Russian bot movement!"

Flags out, phones out.

Bikers for Trump provided security

On way to Freedom Plaza, there was a man selling t-shirts. He used this call: "Spicy memes! Get yer HOT spicy memes here!" Yea, I had to have one.

Passing Trump International Hotel

Arrival at Freedom Plaza - E Pluribus Awesome!

Inside Freedom Plaza now. It's a party. Make America Fah'BULOUS Again!

Dog shares a stroller with Trumpy Bear!

Flower child brings out the sun!

More signs

This gay man legally came to America from Venezuela when he was 18. We talked about that country's downward spiral, and I asked him if he still had family there. He said that his parents are buried there, but looters stole their bronze headstones.

Pastor Mark Burns lays down the law!

"I had a bedroom and office in the White House. I got to know the Clintons intimately. Not like that with Hillary. Not with Bill, either" - Buzz Patterson

I think Buzz Patterson was channeling my #WalkAway essay!

Mason Weaver

Michael Flynn, Jr

These bots are made for walkin'! "You're not bots, you're too sexy!"

Don't know who he is, but he's a fantastic speaker!

Stacey Dash

People enjoying the music

Diamond and Silk on video!

Joy Villa! She brightens whatever venue she's in!

Brandon, getting ready to go on stage.

Doreen: "You went because you have a crush on him, don’t you?"
Me: "Na, me and Mattis are still tight"

And here he is, the founder and organizer of #WalkAway! Brandon Straka gave two speeches during the rally. The first one was an expansion of his original video.

"I've done the closet, and I'm not going back"

"To compare is to despair"

Person watching Herman Cain's video

Zach Hing

Mahgdalen Rose, a Stoneman Douglas High School graduate who could see through David Hogg(wash)'s BS right away.

Deplorable men are the hottest!

"My father was a Navy captain, and my grandfather was a Navy captain. Don't know what happened with me."

"When they go low, we go to the polls." - Scott Presler

Brandon's second speech, in which he warned cuckservatives that we'll be watching them.

You can never have too much Joy...

... and you can never have enough Bikers for Trump, either!