Monday, October 29, 2018

Photos from #WalkAway

"You want to give me food stamps just because I was in foster care? I think you just want my vote." - Terrence K. Williams

Winner of the best sign goes to...

Happy people in the rain.

Musician singing "Where We Go One, We Go All." He also sang the Oath Keeper's song, "Arm Yourself."

"The blue wave is 500 miles south of the border"

Guy in crowd: "good job umbrella man!"

Will from PragerU

"Are there any Russian bots here?"
Person in back raises hand
"There's one! We're 1/1024th Russian, so we're a Russian bot movement!"

Flags out, phones out.

Bikers for Trump provided security

On way to Freedom Plaza, there was a man selling t-shirts. He used this call: "Spicy memes! Get yer HOT spicy memes here!" Yea, I had to have one.

Passing Trump International Hotel

Arrival at Freedom Plaza - E Pluribus Awesome!

Inside Freedom Plaza now. It's a party. Make America Fah'BULOUS Again!

Dog shares a stroller with Trumpy Bear!

Flower child brings out the sun!

More signs

This gay man legally came to America from Venezuela when he was 18. We talked about that country's downward spiral, and I asked him if he still had family there. He said that his parents are buried there, but looters stole their bronze headstones.

Pastor Mark Burns lays down the law!

"I had a bedroom and office in the White House. I got to know the Clintons intimately. Not like that with Hillary. Not with Bill, either" - Buzz Patterson

I think Buzz Patterson was channeling my #WalkAway essay!

Mason Weaver

Michael Flynn, Jr

These bots are made for walkin'! "You're not bots, you're too sexy!"

Don't know who he is, but he's a fantastic speaker!

Stacey Dash

People enjoying the music

Diamond and Silk on video!

Joy Villa! She brightens whatever venue she's in!

Brandon, getting ready to go on stage.

Doreen: "You went because you have a crush on him, don’t you?"
Me: "Na, me and Mattis are still tight"

And here he is, the founder and organizer of #WalkAway! Brandon Straka gave two speeches during the rally. The first one was an expansion of his original video.

"I've done the closet, and I'm not going back"

"To compare is to despair"

Person watching Herman Cain's video

Zach Hing

Mahgdalen Rose, a Stoneman Douglas High School graduate who could see through David Hogg(wash)'s BS right away.

Deplorable men are the hottest!

"My father was a Navy captain, and my grandfather was a Navy captain. Don't know what happened with me."

"When they go low, we go to the polls." - Scott Presler

Brandon's second speech, in which he warned cuckservatives that we'll be watching them.

You can never have too much Joy...

... and you can never have enough Bikers for Trump, either!