Thursday, January 14, 2021

Funny Mask Story

This happened back before Christmas...

I was on a phone call with Chris L., one of the founders of the militia in which I serve. Had him on headphones while I was picking up groceries. Probably not the sort of thing I should be doing with him, but... eh.

I was almost done shopping when a grocery clerk approaches me and asks: "do you have a mask?" I tell him I didn't. He scurries off (I assume to talk to his manager); when he returns he asks if I want one. I said "no". He scurries off again.

Then his manager comes up to me and says: "sir, you need to wear a mask in here." And I replied that we don't have to do anything but die, and even that is subject to medical advances.

He then says: "if you don't wear a mask then you'll have to leave." I replied: "OK, call the police." He scurries off.

So I finish shopping and go to the self-checkout scanner when he approaches me again.

"Sir, it is the law that you wear a mask."

"Laws must be approved by the legislature, and they have passed nothing. The only thing you're going on is the governor's decrees."

"But Governor Wolf [Pennsylvania's governor] says you have to wear a mask!"

I replied: "Fuck Governor Wolf."

If I thought of it at the time, I would have asked him if he's the governor's boyfriend.

I paid for my groceries and left the store. The police never came.

Then I remembered that Chris L was listening in on this and he was laughing his ass off!



  1. I wish more people would do this. Most stores (even tho it is against the law) say that you cannot have a medical exemption and make you leave. It is actually against the law to ask you if you have an exemption.

    1. Going maskless is not against the law, since no laws have been passed, either at state or federal level, requiring that masks be worn! All that people are acting on are the edicts of governors or that person in the White House.

      Yea, the irony of it being illegal to ask for medical exemption is rich!!